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There is increasing evidence suggesting that over vaccination is associated with development of immune-mediated disorders and chronic diseases,joint diseases, neurological diseases, and thyroid disease. The objective of a vaccination is to give the right vaccine at the right time in order to protect from an infectious disease. Vaccination is a medical procedure and like all medical procedures it carries some inherent risk. We believe that needless risks should not be taken with animals or humans. The benefits must be balanced against the risks. I have found that the best way to lower the risks associated with vaccines is to reduce the number and frequency the vaccine is given. The initial series of vaccines administered at the puppy stage are the core vaccines which include canine distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus and they should be administered individually avoiding cocktail or combo vaccinations. Each state law has a specific age requirement for the rabies vaccination but the rabies shot should be the last vaccine administered. It is important that a dog owners not feel intimidated into giving more vaccines than they feel is wise. The only vaccination mandated by law is the Rabies vaccine, and even that has three years into a seven year efficacy. You are your pets advocate and it's essential to know that annual vaccines are NOT necessary especially since you can't create "more" immunity by vaccinating repeatedly. If you feel uncomfortable about not vaccinating yearly than instead you can do "titers". Titering refers to drawing blood, sending it to the lab to read the amount of antibodies present. If antibodies are still present you do not need to revaccinated. Vaccination is one of those subjects where we strongly feel less is more and encourage our owners to do their research.

Holistic Treatments

We believe that many of the very same things that aid and improve our own lives can and should be used to aid and improve our dogs. Total Health is a balance of Mind & Body. Western allopathic "modern" medicine is only one of thousands of medical systems in existence, so let us not be tricked into believing that there is nothing outside of your vets office that may be helpful to you. Allopathic medicine is a very young system and very arrogant, often trying to convince its patients that other medical systems are just a bunch of hocus pocus. But how could have these other systems been successfully healing animals for thousands of years if they didn't work? Of course, it's all based on cultural biases, and it can be hard to break out of the bonds of our society's paradigm. Therefore, we use the combination of western and holistic medicine to ensure optimal health and wellness.

Vitamins and Supplements has it's own page

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy improves muscle and joint flexibility, increases blood supply (improving nutrient delivery and waste removal), and helps prevent or breakdown any scar tissue formation. It also helps relax muscle spasms and aids in comfort levels. Massage therapy for animals should be performed by massage therapist trained in animal behavior and anatomy, under the supervision of your veterinarian. Many of the basic principles can be learned by the owner under proper instruction.

Healing Touch

Many studies have indicated that human contact can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve the state of well-being of the recipient.The principles of healing touch can be used to help animals heal as well as humans. Unlike Massage Therapy, any person can learn and practice healing touch. Since this can be done without risk of injury, it will do no harm; yet healing touch may increase the chances of full recovery. It also helps develop the human-animal bond.

Energy Therapy

Energy healing involves channeling life force energy through your hands to benefit your dogs. This treatment is a safe, effective practice that can help to keep dogs healthy and well-balanced. Energy congestion combined with a genetic predisposition often provokes early onset of disease. I will elaborated on this therapy, see the seven chakras.

Chiropractic Care

helps a dog find relief from spine problems, joint pain and weakness, muscle spasms and other conditions. We have found in conjunction with drug therapy this alternative treatment works very well for dogs with epilepsy.