King Hill Mastiffs - The boys

INT/AM CH. Beowulfs Refuge From Reality CGC
Dec 7, 2007- Jan 23, 2012

We always knew that there was something different about Brewster. He was a very unique mastiff that I always considered to be wise beyond his years. Brewster seemed to do everything at lightning speed. He grew up so fast that I felt it was overnight. He also finished his championship at young age. At the tender age of two years old Brewster was diagnosed with Genetic Epilepsy. This changed everything including the amount of time that I would have to spend with this special dog. Brewster suffered from cluster seizures and status epilepticus was all too common for him. Knowing there was nothing I could do to elevate his epilepsy, my only resort was to treat him for the rest of his life with medications that would change my dog forever. Brewster went from my beautiful show dog to my constant medical patient rather quickly. He spent many of his days in the ICU unit at the animal hospital. The staff all developed a relationship with Brewster and they nicknamed him "the big red dog". Brewster was larger than life and I believe he taught many people so much of what they needed to know about the mastiff breed. Although, Brewster had epilepsy he tried very hard to take full advantage of his healthy days being a show dog, therapy dog,sports mascot,local doggy rockstar and my very best friend. Brewsters Breeder at Beowulf Mastiffs provided no support for him throughout his sickness. Instead, they blamed anything they could fathom for his disease and I often wished they were right. In Reality, if the cause of his Epilepsy were anything besides his genetics then Brewster might still be here today. This was when I realized that it doesn't matter how many Champions a kennel reproduces if just one dog is sick, then that is more than enough. When a 240 lb dog has cluster seizures "it can be a huge undertaking". Actually, I never did realized until he was gone how much of our lives were affected by his Epilepsy. Brewster, although gone much too soon will certainly never be forgotten.
This link is information on Canine Epilepsy and ways you can Help! Epilepsy Cause & Treatment


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If love could have saved him,
He would have lived forever!